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Jan 22, 2013 12:00pm EST
-- explanation of the rules of procedure. >> good morning. thank you very, very much, jim. jim has outlined the process of how we will begin. i will start with reminding this body of the specific provisions that are contained in our charter and bylaws that guide the election of offices for the party. after that, my co-chair will come back to the podium and then review with this body what we are specifically recommending to govern these elections today. first, i shall remind this body that the rules of procedures contain the following key provisions. first, that candidates for any dnc office position had to file a nomination statement with the dnc secretary by 8 p.m. sunday, january the 20th, 2012, and that included -- sorry, 2013. that really would have been a problem. >> yeah. [laughter] >> that included signatures of at least 20dnc members. each candidate for chair is entitled to a total of ten minutes for nominating and seconding speeches to be divided among no more than four speakers, all of whom must be dnc members. each candidate for the other officer position shall be entitled to a t
Jan 24, 2013 12:00pm EST
most of these people in the room, charlie allen, stuart baker, richard, jim, p.j. crowley, steve hadley, and i don't think walter isakson is here. brian michael jenkins, names you all know. phil mudd, eric olson, dan, guy swan, evan wolf, it's an amazing list. you know, it is a tribute to you, my friend, because all these people care about homeland security and value the opportunity to help advise. that's great. questions? right here. red jacket. please identify yourself. >> hi, rachel oswald, global security news wire. secretary, can you tell us how close your department is to meeting congress' mandate that 100% of foreign cargo be scanned when it comes into the country? you're operating under extension due up, i believe, to close in summer 2014, and, also, could you tell us about any projects at the dndo office is working on? any new nuclear technology? >> i looked into the issue thoroughly, as did my predecessor, secretary chertoff. it's one of those things as we learn to manage risk, mandates like that sound good, but in point of fact, are extrouter their -- extraordinarily expensiv
Jan 28, 2013 5:00pm EST
years in a next 10 years we will take it to amazing advances. >> last year jim lehrer martha ravitch and bob schieffer was liked by the commission on presidential debates. to moderate the prepresidential and one vice presidential debate. tonight they will share their experiences and what impact the debates had on the 2012 election it's held at george washington university and the opal media institute. it starts live at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. earlier today a group of eight bipartisan senators held a news conference to release their own blueprint for the new immigration bill. plan includes four changes to immigration laws and we will hear more about it starting with remarks from new york senator charles schumer. this is 45 minutes. >> the five of us here today and eight of us in total including senators mccain durbin graham menendez rubio flake and bennett have come together on a set of bipartisan principles for comprehensive immigration reform legislation that we hope can pass the senate in overwhelming and bipartisan fashion. we still have a long way to go. but this bipartisan
Jan 25, 2013 12:00pm EST
in deterrence. i found that hard to think how you get down to a number of today's world. henry kissinger, jim baker, i think james lassiter, former former secretary of defense, many others have all agreed with that icicle for the world. it's a goal, an aspiration that we should always be aspirational. but it's not something that can happen in today's world and nor could any leader today sit here or in any other chair and promote to you and ocean we had to cut down our deterrent level below an adequate level to maintain deterrence. we have strong views about what that is. we've cut down some 1500 the talk of going down to a lower number. i think are selling is possible to get better if you have comments or at levels of inspections, verification company guarantees about the capacity of your nuclear stock buyout program, et cetera. senator, i know you're deeply invested in that component of it. we can come to some about leader in the hearing, but i believe we have to maintain that. that's the only way you maintain an effective level of deterrence and the russians certainly think in terms of thei
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4